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Participants: HCol. Greenberg, HLCol. Beare, Maj. Atkins, Ms. Birchall, LCol. Brown, LCol. Creech, Capt. Forsberg, Capt. Grinius, LCol. Hampson, LCol. Hilton, LCol. Hollink, LCol. Hyslop, LGen. Leslie, LCol. Mundell, Mr. Poznanski, LCol. Regan, Col. Sparling, LCol. Wilkinson, Col. Williams and the Commanding Officer LCol. Watts.

  1. HLCol Beare, the Chair, welcomed all to the ZOOM and reiterated the purpose of the meeting, apart from recv an update from the CO, was to discuss the draft constitution.

  1. CO Report. The CO discussed the Regimental activities. His main emphasizes was that despite COVID, the Regiment continues to train soldiers.

Live fire exercises are planned for this fall and early New Year. The CO has tentatively planned for a Senate visitation during the March exercise.

  1. Draft constitution

The constitution drafted by the constitution committee was presented. Except for the below items, at the end of the ZOOM, the draft constitution was accepted in principle.

Decisions and Items requiring attention:

  1. accountability of the Senate. After various other inputs, it was decided to discuss this item later.

  2. In the Constitution presentation Findings it was stated that the Senate “… was to provide advice to the CO if and when requested.” After various other inputs, it was decided to discuss this item later.

  3. Membership term limits. After a vote, the majority supported a term limit. The exact duration and voting proceedures would be discussed / resolved later. There is a lack of clarity on the voting process for each term. This requires clarification. Once the term is identified, all members of the Senate can remain until the initial term expires.

  4. Membership cap. The majority supported a membership size limit of 30.

  5. Role. After discussion, there was a general agreement the role should include supporting serving and former soldiers, and the wording be such that it could be interpreted to include families. This wording will be discussed later.

  6. Former members. It was reiterated, at least 60 % of the senate must comprise former 30 Fd soldiers.

  1. Other business.

HCol Greenberg stated that the endowment fund from the Ottawa Community Foundation to the Bytown Gunners Order will be approximately $3.4K this year.

  1. Next meeting. The exact date will be ident later but be either 27 or 28 Oct.

  1. Adjournment: With there being no more business, it was moved by Col Sparling and seconded by LCol Hilton to adjourn the meeting. All were in favour.

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