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30th Field Regiment (RCA)


About 30th Field

30 Fd Regt generates artillery troops in support of 33 Canadian Brigade Groups (33 CBGs) multi-purpose force in order to set the conditions to meet assigned tasks in accordance with Comd 33 CBGs priorities and operational accountabilities.  

30 Fd Regt has a strength of just over 140 part time soldiers organized into three groups:
        a.   Regimental Headquarters - the Command cell, support staff, operations and training;
        b.   2 Battery – the firing battery, equipped with 4x 105mm C3 howitzers and 4x 81mm Mortars; and
        c.   1 Battery – a recruit and individual training battery.

30 Fd Regt is tasked with providing a Gun Troop to 33 CBG and 33 Territorial Battle Group (TBG) in support of domestic and international tasks.  

Our secondary task is providing an Acoustic Weapons Locating System (AWLS) troop. As the regiment expands this task will be filled by 30 Fd Regt personnel.

30 Fd Regt maintains a high quality of leadership capacity (in particular at the Junior Non-Commissioned Members and Junior Officer level) as well as individual and collective soldier and artillery skills, in addition to certifying all unit personnel are prepared physically, mentally, and administratively to undertake operations. Adaptability and flexibility are keys to success in the current security environment and despite the primacy of operations and
associated training our responsibility to undertake ceremonial events and conduct engagement and outreach activities will continue to be an integral priority of the unit and keys to our long-term success and growth.

30 Fd Regt has achieved its annual mission when all of our personnel acquire the technical and tactical warfighting skills and administrative preparedness level to ably augment 2 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery and 33 TBG for expeditionary and/or domestic

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Contact 30th Field Regiment (RCA)

307 De Niverville Private
Ottawa, K1V 0N5


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