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Regimental Family


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1st Battery

First Battery is responsible for both recruiting as well as conducting Regimental Individual Battle Task Standards (IBTS) training and testing to surpass the mandated standard. It also conducts CRE preparatory training for all Company personnel to achieve a rating of Effective in the formal test exercises.

2nd Battery

Second Battery maintains an operationally ready field battery comprised of a Headquarters and four guns as defined in the Army Establishment (AE). Other tasks include conducting training to prepare all ranks to augment the Regular Force as well as to provide support to taskings and competitions.

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Regimental Headquarters

Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) provides a knowledgeable and professional leadership cadre of Officers and Senior NCOs. Regimental Headquarters conducts planning, coordination, and control of Regimental activities as appropriate. It is responsible for all aspects of Individual Battle Task Standards (IBTS) training and testing. Regimental Headquarters provides operational and administrative support as well as ensuring that all required awareness training is conducted.

RHQ also Combat Service Support to the Regiment. This ensures sound supply, maintenance, transportation, financial, and other sustainment activities are in place to support the two Batteries, thereby permitting them to accomplish their training goals. In addition, it supports the Regiment and individual soldiers by ensuring sound financial services are in place. These include the management of public funds, soldier pay systems and non-public fund accounting.

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